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                                                                                                      June 21, 2020                                                                                                        


Breaking News about NASC Soccer and NASC Softball for 2020:

Unfortunately, both Soccer and Softball has decided, given the current situation and for the safety of all the children to cancel this years NASC soccer and softball programs for the 2020 season. The logistics as outlined through Ontario Soccer and Ontario Amateur Softball Association in order to safely run the house league programs made it near impossible to be able to complete. This organization is founded on volunteers and as much as we wanted to be able to run the programs it just could not be done. It was a very sad emotional meeting but, in the end, it was unanimous that we could not run the programs. We will take the summer months to regroup, watch and learn from other centres to ensure we get everything right for next year. NASC Soccer and Softball is not going away we are just in half time and between innings. The executive will be working hard on ensuring that refunds will be going out as soon as reasonably possible.


To the NASC Soccer and Softball executives:

I want to thank the whole NASC soccer and Softball organizations for their dedication and hard work in doing everything possible to try and find a way to put the children on the fields and diamonds this year. I know this decision was not made lightly but in the end, for the safety of the children and all participants and families I know the correct decision was made. Please take this time during these summer months to spend some time with your families and know that what you do and have done has not gone unnoticed. Please stay safe and we will keep in touch.

Thank you again,


Kevin Thompson






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