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We currently are unable to offer a soccer program but we are looking at ways to offer a program in the near future. We recommend for a summer program to try our softball league. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Todd Forbes 

OCCNA Chair 

Welcome To The Home Of The Oshawa Central Council Of Neighbourhood Associations (O.C.C.N.A)


Our purpose on the Internet is to communicate with the residents of Oshawa in an attempt to keep everyone informed of what is happening in this ever growing, vibrant community. We hope that you will find your visit, entertaining and informative. Please take your time, and feel free to browse our site.

SINCE 1946

How to help

Since 1946, O.C.C.N.A. has successfully organized recreational sports for the children of Oshawa. These programs are operated by the N.A.S.C. (Neighbourhood Association Sports Committee) which is a sub-committee of the O.C.C.N.A. (Oshawa Central Council of Neighbourhood Associations). Please CLICK HERE to find out more about us and how YOU, can get involved!

Award winners

Our sports programs for many years have been recognized by the readers of Durham Parent magazine as the #1 Sports program in Durham Region. 


Kid Focused
The mission of O.C.C.N.A. is to provide kids the opportunity to play house league sports. Besides our network of local area clubhouses, O.C.C.N.A. also oversees N.A.S.C. Sports.


N.A.S.C. Sports comprises of two (2) programs.  Softball in the summer, and recreational Ice hockey in the winter months. For more information on our kids' sports programs, please click the N.A.S.C. Sports link above.

Latest community projects

O.C.C.N.A. is part of the fabric of the community of Oshawa. It is through our oversight of N.A.S.C. Sports, in working closely with our partner arena users groups, we were able to help have a vital part of our community, Harman Park arena, renovated on-time, and on-budget to service the children for the next generations to come!


Thank you to the members of Oshawa City Council and our sports partners for making this one of the most successful projects we have ever participated in.


Our Sponsors

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