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Important Announcement

To the members of the OCCNA/NASC community:


COVID 19 UPDATE. October, 2022



I wanted to update you in the organization with respect to the Covid situation. As you are aware this has not gone away, and we must all stay vigilant in protecting not only ourselves but our fellow participants. I would ask that if you or your child feels unwell, please refrain for attending meetings, games, practices where spread is possible. Masking is no longer required but if you feel as though you would like to continue with wearing them in our facilities that’s ok and I would ask all to respect that decision. But for the most part the measures have been relaxed enough that allows us to get back to our regular order of business in providing the best, safest recreational sports programs in the city. 
We are once again holding our regularly scheduled in person meetings on the first Wed. of every month and we encourage all Presidents and their delegates to attend. 
The OCCNA is holding its belated 75th awards and volunteer dinner on Nov. 12 at the Jubilee Pavilion in Oshawa. I would like to encourage all parks to participate this year as it is a special occasion celebrating our 75th year of providing the community your support through our NASC sports programs as well as other activities.
Our organization provides spaces to rent in our park clubhouses for other community events that helps to off set our sports programs child registrations. Our goal is to make available to every child in the City of Oshawa the opportunity to participate in our signature recreational programs. For further information please visit our Hall Rental tab at the top of the page.
We are continuously looking for volunteers to help in different areas from helping with their child’s sports teams (coaching, training, scheduling, etc.) in different capacities to the executive level of their individual Parks. Please respond if you would like to help.
Our hockey season is just getting started and many changes are taking place and I would first like to thank the volunteers that make this program available and wish all of our players good luck and all the best.


Stay tuned and stay safe.


 For N.A.S.C. Sports Covid 19 updates, please visit


Thank You

Kevin Thompson


Oshawa Central Council of Neighbourhood Associations


City of Oshawa COVID-19 Information & Updates website

Updated 10/1/22

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